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  • [NEW] How to distinguish the quality of goblets?

    1. material The glass made of lead-free high borosilicate glass will be better, with high hardness, high permeability and good stability...

  • [NEW] Customized service

    Our company has its own R & D team and a complete set of R & D and production equipment. More than 10 years of experience in glass production, practical R & D, independent R & D products have obtained national patents. Over the past 10 years...

  • [NEW] Products won the excellent award of glass industry in Shijiazhuang e-commerce competition

    As the representative of "China's technological glass capital" and "China's heat-resistant glass production base", Hejian City welcomes offline training and competition of Hejian glass products industry in Cangzhou competition...

  • [NEW] Our products are exported to overseas markets and win the trust of our customers

    Hejian Hua'an glass products Co., Ltd. has a history of more than ten years, and has been deeply loved by customers at home and abroad. We have always been adhering to the principle of making high-end creative glass products...

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